Victoria leads nation’s population growth

According to the latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS released 21 March 2024) Victoria continues to lead the nation’s population growth which highlights the strong long-term fundamentals for the state’s housing market.

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News & Community Issue 3

Issue 3 is filled with interesting articles about our community including local businesses and people, purchaser testimonial, protecting local waterways, land lifestyle opportunities, economist views on where Melbourne’s property is heading, future proofing your home, construction update and more.

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Gather inspiration to design your dream home

Mood boards are an ideal visual tool used by homeowners and interior designers to help communicate design concepts and ideas to create dream abodes.

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The future of Melbourne’s property market

The future of Melbourne’s property market – opportunity, growth and transformation.

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Melbourne is running out of land

Buy land, they’re not making it anymore – This famous quote attributed to Mark Twain was not directed at property buyers living in Melbourne in 2024, but it is probably the best piece of advice they will ever get.

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Future proofing your home

For most people the family home will be their biggest investment and asset.

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Where is the Victorian property market heading?

Since May 2022, when the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) first raised interest rates and set in motion one of the most challenging periods in decades for the property development sector, the industry has been waiting for signs that stability and growth are returning.

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Event Laa Yulta Primary School

Meet Lori Pereira Assistant Principal and neighbours We are pleased to host an exclusive event to welcome Lori Pereira, Laa Yulta Primary School’s new Assistant Principal.

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Laa Yulta Primary School Principal (Mark Zahra)

In welcome news for our community, the Victorian Education Department has appointed Mark Zahra as principal of Windermere’s first school Laa Yulta Primary School.

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Education is a top priority

To help the growing Windermere population obtain a great education close to home, a combined kindergarten and primary school plus a childcare centre will be centrally located along the estate’s recreational spine.

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My Windermere - Five Habits of a successful saver

5 Habits of a successful saver

  5 Habits of a Successful Saver The importance of savings has become more apparent in post-COVID times than ever before.

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Windermere Washing Hands COVID 19 Update

COVID 19 Update

Windermere’s COVID 19 update Communications update regarding new COVID19 (Coronavirus) safety precautions.

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Land for sale Mambourin

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