Future proofing your home

For most people the family home will be their biggest investment and asset. To ensure the home stands the test of time over several decades there are many factors to consider prior to building.

As new home build prices and cost of living pressures increase, more purchasers are factoring in longer periods to comfortably live in one family home, according to Ky Huynh, Design & Drafting Manager at Hermitage Group.

“Selecting a block within budget that has good orientation is one of the first considerations. Ideally east or west facing lots suit a wide range of home plans. At Kingsbridge Homes we have over 50 single and double storey layouts to choose from that would easily fit on one of Windermere’s land lots.

“Selecting a plan that has most of the living areas facing north to minimise energy use and allow for good natural light is important. The Wellington 40 layout is an excellent example of this and has received positive feedback from clients seeking to minimise energy use.”

“Energy and water efficient appliances, solar panels, LED lighting and better insulation all help reduce energy consumption and save on heating, cooling and electricity bills,” he added.

“Sustainbale features and certifications also improve home resale values and make them more appealing to future generations, especially young people focused on decreasing their carbon footprint and choosing to live in a healthy environment.”

Functionality and practicality are cornerstone principles to think about in home designs.

“Space (type of rooms), growing families, multigenerational living, privacy, entertaining, pet habits and personal routines such as how do you entertain, types of cooking appliances used, kids routines and laundry use are some of the questions I ask every family when they start the home design building journey,” added Ky.

The idea of multigenerational living continues to garner interest as the population ages and cost of living pressure increases.

Ky added, “There are more apects to consider when planning for two or three generations living in one abode.  Every person’s individual and changing needs should be incorporated into the final design to achieve a cohesive living environment for everyone.”

“After finalising the floor plan a façade design is next on the priority list. Personal preferences, budget and a timeless design that will last for decades are all deliberations. Most importantly the final choice needs to put a smile on your face as it is what you will leave and return to each day.”

“Planning for the future to accommodate lifecycle changes is an integral design component in all home layouts.  Design and drafting experts are suitably placed to help make this process a very easy one to future proof your next home and ensure it spans several generations,” he added.

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