March 2019 Construction Update

Monash Precinct under construction

Welcome to the second Windermere Construction Update.

In this issue, we are pleased to report the completion of earthworks for Stages 1–4, the progress of internal sewer works, the external branch sewer and a culvert bridge.

Bulk earthworks stages 1–4

West facing view of the future Windermere Wetlands.

Bulk earthworks for Stages 1–4 have now been completed, which has included works to prepare a portion of the waterway for drainage purposes. Stages 1 and 2 both front a portion of the waterway, which will eventually be landscaped and offer appealing water views, as well as pedestrian and bike paths to the local train station.

Internal sewer reticulation stages 1–4

Stage 1 sewer being constructed along Greens Road.

Internal sewer works are currently being constructed for Stages 1 and 2, with works for Stages 3 and 4 scheduled to occur shortly. Given the tough ground conditions, the sewer contractor has undertaken blasting of key critical path areas in order to expedite the program. Sewer works are still on track for completion in the third quarter of this year.

Civil works

Civil works at Windermere include the installation of all essential services – such as electricity, gas, potable and recycled water, sewer lines and fibre optics into the ground – to make sure they are available prior to construction of homes. These works are programmed to commence over the coming months and are scheduled for completion by the end of 2019. In addition, following bulk earthworks and drainage works, we will commence building the community’s first roads. Road base, kerb, footpaths and driveways will be laid first, followed by the placement of road asphalt.

External branch sewer

Bird’s eye perspective facing east over the branch sewer and waterway works.

In partnership with City West Water, Country Garden Australia is currently progressing well on the construction of the external branch sewer, with approximately 50 per cent of the works now completed. The nominated contractor, BMD, recently undertook blasting of the alignment, given the tough volcanic rock conditions.

Culvert bridge and drainage
A culvert bridge is currently being constructed along Greens Road, which will include a drainage outfall connecting to the wetlands and waterway system. In the event of a storm event, water flows will be directed along this route to the north east.
These works are scheduled to finish over the next few months as the culvert is required to be constructed prior to the Greens Road upgrade.


We look forward to continuing to share our progress on these works throughout the year, as well as new works as they come online.

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