Identifying the right floor plan and facade

Selecting the right floor plan and façade are two essential steps to consider when starting the building process, according to Boutique Homes.

The floorplan is experienced every day and has the greatest influence on how a home is enjoyed and lived in, while the façade gives a sense of pride when entering and leaving as well as sets the tone and style for the entire dwelling.

A ‘wow’ factor and powerful first impression is established with the right façade. As a bonus, property value can be increased too.

Robert Nguyen, Senior Designer at Boutique Homes comments, “For floor plans, work within lot size parameters and the allocated budget, then consider aspects like number of rooms, single or double storey, placement of the main living areas to maximise sunlight and views as well as arrangement of bedrooms and the kitchen (hub of the home). Most builders have pre-designed options that can be selected to suit different lifestyles and needs.

“With facades, review estate design guidelines, budget, style and how the interior design can enhance the chosen look. Ideally the inside and outside should complement each other. Look for good proportions and detailing, balance and simplicity of form and materials. Avoid busy, complicated facades that use too many materials.”

Three trends are currently driving home floorplan designs, according to Robert.

“The ‘work from home’ or hybrid working has continued with homeowners seeking a study room that can be closed off from noise and for privacy, or a study nook built into the living area. Owners looking for an affordable dwelling are seeking smaller homes. Multi-generational homes are increasingly popular as higher interest rates bite into the budget. Grandparents and parents with kids are embracing the idea of pooling funds to increase space and reduce overall costs.”

Different façades add colour to neighbourhoods like Windermere. The familiar and cosy feel of a Hamptons style is still very trendy. Traditional styles and contemporary facades continue to grow in popularity including French Provincial, Modern Coastal and High-End Contemporary styles.

“More and more people are looking for a point of difference in their neighbourhood and seeking a unique look when comparing to neighbours or friends. Facades are about individual expression and are the property’s first impression,” added Robert.

During the month of October, Windermere is offering a home upgrade gift card ($10k value) to the first two purchasers of land or a home and land package. T & Cs apply.

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