Evoke emotions with the perfect colour scheme

Picking the perfect colour scheme to decorate and evoke different emotions in a new abode is an exciting undertaking for new homeowners as there are so many beautiful choices to influence spaces.

According to Homebuyers Centre Display Designer, Nadija Saluwadana there are four important considerations including lighting, functionality, mood and atmosphere and cohesion.

“The amount and type of natural and artificial light in a room can significantly impact how colours appear. It’s crucial to consider the lighting conditions to choose colours that work well under those circumstances. Functionality also matters. Reflect on the purpose of each room. For example, calming and soothing colours may be more suitable for bedrooms, while vibrant and emerging colours can be great for living areas.”

“Think about the mood or atmosphere you would like to create in each room. Colours can evoke different emotions. Cool colours like blue and green create a calm and peaceful ambience, while warm colours such as red and yellow make a space feel more energetic. Maintaining a sense of unity and flow throughout your home is vital. Select a colour palette that has a common theme or co-ordinating colours,” added Nadija.

Earthy and natural tones, like muted greens and warm browns, sustainable and eco-friendly materials and colours, biophilic designs that bring elements of nature indoors and mixing contrasting colours to create bold and dynamic interiors are interior design trends currently influencing colour palettes.

Nadija notes, colour themes can be different for every room, but it’s essential to maintain a sense of harmony and flow which can be achieved through various techniques such as consistent accent colour, transitioning shades of the same colour or using complementary colours in adjacent spaces.

“Colours can also compliment personalities too. Introverted and calm homeowners may prefer muted and soothing colours like soft blues and greys, while extroverted and energetic types might gravitate towards vibrant and bold colours such as reds and oranges.”

“Customers with a creative or artistic personality might experiment with a wide range of colours, patterns and textures too. Ultimately personal preferences and the desired ambience of each room play a significant role in choosing the right colour scheme. It is essential to choose colours that resonate with you and align with the purpose of each space,” added Nadija.

Homebuyers Centre has made selecting your colours easy by providing six pre-determined schemes to choose from. Each scheme has been expertly crafted by The Block design duo, Alisa & Lysandra.

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