Choosing the right builder for your first home

When it comes to your dream home, you want to make sure you have the right builder by your side. Windermere offers a carefully selected range of builder partners who can help you design your dream home. Here is our advice on choosing the right builder.

When choosing a builder for your new home, it’s helpful to start by asking family and friends for recommendations – chances are some of them will have hired a reputable builder to build a home for them in the past.

More importantly though, it’s important you do your own background checks. Look at a builder’s reputation and search for references to their previously completed projects, In some cases, it may be worth visiting their finished homes for an inspection, prioritising the quality of their work.

Also, you’ll find that with project home builders, who tend to produce a set range of homes in volume, you can achieve significant savings in price, although with the trade-off of only having a limited selection of fixtures and finishes to choose from, as well as limitations on floorplan modifications.

On the other hand, custom builders will cost you more, but you’ll have a greater say in the design of your home. You may ultimately find that some builders only build a particular style of home, which doesn’t suit your tastes, and this will help you narrow down your shortlist.

As a minimum, no matter which builder you choose, you should check they have Public Liability Insurance and Domestic Building Insurance before you get started.