Windermere’s Landscape Update!

Today, the Windermere team is proud to deliver to you an update on the landscaping and streetscapes at Windermere.

Streetscape planting in new land estates typically occurs around six to nine months after the completion of civil works on a stage. This approach is taken to allow time for house construction to occur. Delaying this process also minimises the damage caused by builders during the house construction process. This is because the heightened activity of various vehicle movements, supply deliveries, and management of the on-site construction materials and waste can have a very heavy impact on the nature strips. 

Please see the below, bulleted update from the land development team:

  • The planting delay was due to limited availability of plant stock, which requires the contract growing of over 240,000 trees and plants, plus over 70,000 sqm of grassed area, as well as the sourcing of a suitable quality topsoil for planting at Windermere.
  • The streetscape and garden bed plants are now ready for delivery and our landscape contractor has been busy in the background inspecting the plant and root quality to ensure an optimal plant establishment opportunity.
  • At the same time, we have been working with our landscape contractor to test and assess the topsoil for it’s suitability ahead of the plants arriving. This includes exploring the reuse of onsite material where possible.
  • Hardscape works have been ongoing and are now mostly complete, along with the jute matting and the mulch being added in the wetlands area.
  • The delivery of materials and plant stock is booked to occur over the next couple of weeks.
  • The streetscape planting across Stages one through four is planned from mid to late July, which should bring a welcomed greening of the estate.
  • Stages five through eight’s streetscape planting will then follow, and continue through August.
  • Planting within the wetlands requires specialised water quality improving plant species that are difficult to source. This is still awaiting the completion of contract growing by the plant nursery, and is expected to occur in the coming spring.

Below is a table outlining the timeline estimation on the upcoming landscaping, streetscaping, and wetlands planting:



Landscaping updates
(240,000 trees and plants plus 70,000 sqm of grass areas)

(Expected) Start date*

Stage 1-4

Streetscape planting

Mid-July 2021

Sage 5-8 

Streetscape planting

Aug 2021


Planting (currently being grown)

Spring 2021

Planting is typically timed according to seasonal planting windows. These windows are needed to allow sufficient time for plant establishment. It is important to plant trees and turf with enough time to establish in their new surroundings before the hot summer months, otherwise, the plants will struggle to survive. It’s also important to consider the growing times necessary for the plant stock to reach the required pot size before they are ready for planting on-site.

Please tune in for our upcoming Facebook Live information session with the Development team for all the latest information on:
Wednesday the 7th of July at 5:00 PM