Windermere’s construction update – It’s 2022!

Hello and welcome to Windermere’s latest construction update.

Our construction teams are elated to present to you the latest updates at Windermere, Mambourin.

Stages 11 and 12

  • Construction works in Stage Eleven are completed and are now in the auditing, connection, and defecting phase underway for authority compliance and handover. Following acceptance from the authorities and the issue of a Statement of Compliance from the Council, plan registration is expected to proceed in late May / early June.

  • Stage Twelve is close behind with concrete footpaths construction in progress. Following completion of footpaths, the final layer of asphalt will be installed along with signage and line marking, topsoiling and pegging before authority audits get underway. Plan registration is expected to proceed in early June.  

Ison Road and Intersections

  • Works on two intersections and Ison Road linking the existing subdivision to Stages eleven, twelve, fifteen, and sixteen have been completed. Compliance, auditing, and asset recording are in progress ahead of authority handover, which is expected to occur in May.

    A further intersection to the south with Black Forest Road is under construction and is to be completed alongside Stages 17 and 18.

Stages 17 and 18

  • Earthworks, sewer, and drainage have been completed in Stages seventeen and eighteen, with the contractor now turning their focus to the preparation of subgrades for road construction. The layout of these stages will really start to take shape over the coming months. Construction completion and plan registration are forecast for Q4 2022.

Stages 19 through 21

  • Earthworks have been completed across Stages 19 to 21, with construction crews busy working on installing sewer and drainage. This large scale of work is forecast to continue over the remainder of the year, with completion and plan registration expected in Q1 2023.

Landscape works

  • Landscaping works for Section Two of the Waterway (abutting Stage Nine) are scheduled to commence in May 2022 now that the Ison Road and Callaway Street intersection has been completed, which will allow for safe contractor access to the portion of the waterway west of Ison Road.

  • A further landscape package, which will include Stages Nine through Twelve, Fifteen through Sixteen, and the newly completed portions of Ison Road, is currently underway with tenders being reviewed ahead of awarding the tender in the coming months.

  • Works will be undertaken on a staged basis with Stages Nine, Ten, Fifteen, and Sixteen to proceed first once the contract has been awarded.