Windermere’s construction update for November, 2021


Hello and welcome to Windermere’s construction update for November, from your team here in Mambourin.

Today, the Windermere team are proud to deliver to you the November construction updates directly from the team on the ground!


Stages 1-8a, 9 and 10

These stages at Windermere have now been registered with the land titles office.

Stages 11 and 12

Over the past two months, we’re happy to communicate that the construction in stages eleven and twelve have been progressing well.

Earthworks, sewer, water, gas, and subgrade preparation for the road are completed! Over the next several weeks the contractor will complete road works, install concrete kerbing and begin trenching works for electrical and telecommunication installation.

Works are tracking on schedule to be completed early next year.

Ison Road and Intersections

Out on site at Windermere, we are currently constructing over 1km of Ison Road. When this road is completed, this will include two intersections (Ison Road and Plane Road) and link the existing subdivision to Stages eleven, twelve, fifteen, and sixteen.

Since the last construction update, the road sub-base preparation has been completed and concrete kerbing installed. The contractor is now undertaking electrical trenching and cabling. 

Works are tracking on schedule to be completed early next year.

Landscaping: Greens Road, Stages 1 – 8 and Wetland

Landscaping works have recently been completed for stages five through eight, with trees and roll-on turf installed. 

Construction works in section one of the waterway (adjacent to stages one and two) are primarily completed, apart from installation of aquatic planting. Section two of the waterway is due to commence in the next few weeks, subject to the civil contractor finishing their works.

Greens Road has seen trees and hydroseeding installed. The hydroseed contains grass seeds which will establish beautifully over the coming Summer months.

Corner Fencing 

Corner fencing is completed in stages one through eight, fifteen, and sixteen. Stages nine and ten’s corner fencing is scheduled to commence early next year.

Civil Construction Package 4

Risland has recently completed a tender process for a major civil construction package. The package will include stages seventeen to twenty-one which will be constructed sequentially over the course of 2022. A more detailed update will be provided once the civil contractor is formally awarded the work and has mobilised machinery onsite.