Windermere’s Construction Update for March!

Ison Road Overall Plan
Ison Road Overall Plan

2021 is cracking on with a bang and your team on site has been busy ensuring delivery of our master planned estate. We are please to present this construction update .

Today, the Windermere team are proud to deliver to you the construction updates directly from the team on the ground!

Stages 1-4 Landscaping

Landscaping works are forecasted to be completed by Mid April 2021. Plants and grass are currently being contract grown.

Stages 1 & 2

  • Stages one and two are titled.

Stages 3 & 4

  • Stages three and four are titled.

Stages 5-8 Landscaping

Trees are currently forecasted to be planted in April 2021. Grass to follow once the majority of home builder activity concludes.

Stages 5 – 8

  • Stages five through eight are titled.

Stage 9 & 10

  • The civil contractor has completed earthworks, sewer, drainage, initial road preparation and construction of gas/water infrastructure. The current forecast for both stages is May 2021.


Stage 15 – 16

  • Civil construction in Stages 15 & 16 is highly progressed with the majority of items being completed.
  • Currently the project team are obtaining authority approvals prior to the registration of titles. Both stages are currently forecasted to title in March 2021.

Windermere Stage 15 and 16

Section 1 Waterway & Wetlands

  • The boardwalk and viewing platform have been installed. The landscape contractor has commenced on site and is currently undertaking preparation works for hardscapes (footpaths and retaining walls etc). Exercise equipment is anticipated to be installed in April 2021.
  • Tree planting is forecasted to occur in April 2021.
  • Wetland planting is forecasted to occur in August 2021, this is due to the large volume of plants (1000s) required to be ‘contract grown’.

Landscape Works (Stages 1-8, Greens Road & Wetlands)

  • The landscape works are well and truly under way – top soil about two weeks away!
  • Stages 1-8 Streetscapes (street trees and lawn), Greens Road landscaping and landscaping of the waterway and wetlands are included in the landscape contract!


Ison Road

Ison Road Overall Plan

  • Windermere is progressing construction of over 1.2km of road (Ison Road), which will include three intersections and a culvert bridge traversing the waterway connecting Stages 9/11 with Stage 12.
  • Ison Road will also link Stages 15 & 16 with the rest of the Windermere Estate and provide a important traffic connection to Greens Road, reducing traffic utilising Windermere’s internal road network.
  • The road will initially be two lanes (one in either direction), with the opportunity to be expanded to four (4) in the future (10+ years) by VicRoads.

Ison Road Overall Plan

Feature Fencing

The fencing contractor has commenced onsite to complete feature fencing, including all corner fencing.The following forecasted timeframes are provided:

  • Stage 1: To be completed this week (5/03/2021)
  • Stage 2: To be completed the week ending: 12/03/2021.
  • Stage 3 & 4: March 2021
  • Stages 5-8: April 2021
  • Stages 15 & 16 April 2021

Thank you for following along the journey with us as the community forms from the ground up!