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My Windermere Home is where the heART is when you live on the best land in the west
My Windermere - Home is where the heART is, when you live on the best land in the west!


Home is where the heart is!


Win an elaborate arty gift set in our ‘Home is Where the Heart is’ Giveaway!

Win with Windermere Make the Smart Move to Windermere House and Land Packages

Do you love to get creative with your little ones? Win with Windermere this month by simply rounding up the fam, & creating a piece of artwork. Be inspired by your favourite place/thing to do in the Wyndham city shire & send your masterpiece to us. There’s no end to your chances to win the mega-deluxe art supplies set! Read more to explore all the ways you can enter & expand your creative horizons!

We have created a list of arty inspiration & detailed multiple winning opportunities in the blog post below. Have fun with this one!

With a deluxe art pack up for grabs, winning is as easy as 1, 2, 3.


My Windermere Counting Numbers

Create artwork inspired by something you love about Wyndham.

My Windermere Counting Numbers

Send your name & a photo or video of your art to [email protected]

My Windermere Counting Numbers

Make sure you follow our journey on social media to be eligible to win & keep an eye out for the announcement of the winning piece! Good Luck!

Competition closes in under 3 weeks. Get creating now to win!

Full Terms and Conditions, a list of bonus entry ideas as well as our Privacy Policy is at the end of this blog post!

My Windermere Land available in Melbourne's Booming West

Artsy Craftsy Inspo:

Below is a list of easy-to-do, arty & young-at-heart activities. We’ve packed these with even more opportunities to win!  We hope these classic crafts provide inspiration and maybe even a little reprieve in your afternoons 🙂 We understand that everyone is on strict budgets at the moment, so our list consists of items that you probably already have at home, or ring up at under $10!


Win with Windermere Make the Smart Move to Windermere House and Land Packages

This one’s a classic!

I’m sure that you already have the tubs from the supermarket but making your own is so much more fun!

Not only will it consume some of those home-schooling hours but involving the little ones in this adventure along with you means that they’re learning maths at the same time!

ISOIDEA: Package up your creations and get the kids to write a letter to someone that they are missing and not allowed to visit while in isolation. Nothing makes your day more than receiving something unexpected in the mail that isn’t a bill.

A super simple play-doh recipe is below for you.

Youtuber Sea Lemon does a great Play-Doh Video Tutorial if you want to watch along while you create 🙂


Ready in 45 minutes

Makes 2 colour sets of play-doh!


  • 1 cup of flour
  • ½ cup of salt
  • ½ cup of water
  • Food colour or washable paint


  • Make a well with your dry ingredients in a mixing bowl.
  • Add water and stir through slowly from the middle.
  • Mix well until you are left with a dough.
  • Split the dough in half and add a few drops of your first colour in, mixing it in slowly.
  • Repeat until you have the desired colour saturated dough.
  • Do the same with another colour and the second half of dough!
  • Turn the oven on to 200°F to preheat if you are setting your pieces.
  • !C R E A T E! It’s masterpiece time, mould and sculpt to your heart’s content.
  • Bake your creations on baking paper in the middle of the oven, until hard.
  • The amount of time depends on size and thickness – thin pieces take about 45-60 minutes, thicker pieces might take 2-3 hours.
  • Check on your pieces in the oven every 1/2 hour or so until they are hard.
  • Pieces can be embellished with paints, texters or glued sequence!

Win with Windermere: Make sure you send your art creations through as entries to our art competition to WIN a huge little-artist art supplies pack! 

Macaroni Bracelet Set:

Win with Windermere Make the Smart Move to Windermere House and Land Packages

“Tutu cute not to!”

This is a cute twist on the pasta necklace, did you make these as kids? If you follow the same paint, dry, varnish routine on some macaroni, then thread them onto some thread or string… et voila, you have an adorable bracelet!


Ready in under an hour (depending on creativity levels!)

Adjust the amount of macaroni you prepare to make more bracelets! 


  • Macaroni or penne, use a variety of sizes if you have them!
  • Elastic, string, thread or fishing line (cutting old/stretched hair ties works too!),
  • Paint,
  • Clear or glitter nail varnish for the finishing coat,
  • Baking paper or any paper to lay your pieces out to dry,
  • Ribbon or tying thread to secure bracelet sets together.


  • Sort your pasta supplies in different tubs, for easy selection.
  • Get your paints or nail varnishes ready to get creative.
  • If you’re out of paint or nail lacquer, texters work rather well too! There’s nothing off bounds, just around for supplies and experiment with what you end up with!
  • Decorate each individual piece of pasta and set aside on a piece of baking paper to dry as each piece of pasta is complete.
  • Bracelets look great with some synchronicity, so it might be a good idea to try and do some plain or single colour pieces, along with the creative masterpieces!
  • Once you have finished painting, measure out three lengths of thread around the wearer’s wrist, leaving an inch extra for tying the bracelet together.
  • Depending on whether your art has dried yet or not, you may want to go on a scavenger hunt to find some beads, buttons, sequence or anything pretty to dazzle up your pieces.
  • Once dried, arrange your pasta and anything else you’ve found in an order that you like, and thread the pasta onto the string lengths.
  • Ensure your creations are similar lengths and tie each bracelet closed.
  • Finish off your bracelet set by loosely tying the three individual pieces together with a ribbon or piece of lace.

Hot Tip: Watch Guide Central’s Pasta Bead Bracelet video. The idea was to add these to the play-doh gifts you’ve made above, but something tells me they will want to hold onto these precious creations yourself!

Win with Windermere: Make sure you take photos and enter our art competition! You have until June 7th so start collecting supplies, there’s no limit to the number of entries you can have!

Potato Stamp Set:

Win with Windermere Make the Smart Move to Windermere House and Land Packages

“Personalise your finishing touches.”

Now that you have adorable presents to post to your loved ones, add the perfect touch by creating your own wrapping paper. There are so many different stamps you can make out of potatoes simply by cutting them in half and carving a favourite shape, letter or number out of the flesh. If you haven’t done these before, start by watching this potato Stamps Video Tutorial by The Curiosity Show, and get the DL on how to make a stamp set 🙂

Ready in under an hour (if you take note of the tip bel0w!)


  • Potatoes
  • A sharp, pointy knife for you.
  • The children can do a draft copy with a butter knife depending on their age.
  • Paper towels
  • A cookie-cutter shape set *optional
  • Paint
  • A bowl of water to wash your stamps between colour sets.
  • Newspaper, plain brown wrapping paper or paper shopping bags.

Hot Tip: Set the expectation as to how many are being made by getting your little ones to decide on a theme and couple colours. Then choose two to three favourite stamp shape selections that make a nice pattern before you start. It’s easy to get carried away! You only really need one or two and a couple of different colours to make gorgeous wrapping paper.

Win with Windermere: You’ve gotta be in it to win it! Share and tag us in your creations!

Slinky Fish:

Win with Windermere Make the Smart Move to Windermere House and Land Packages

“Set to play the afternoon away.”

These moving paper animals are colourful, easy to make and fun to play with! Spend a few minutes on YouTube’s Slinky Fish Tutorial with the little ones and have them creating fishies and sharkies, complete with teeth and all!

Ready in half an hour, tops!


  • Coloured paper or card, (or old colouring book pages, or coloured-in paper!)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Coloured marker for the eyes

Win with Windermere! Did you know that a video of you creating your masterpieces will afford you DOUBLE BONUS POINTS in the competition? Snap a few seconds of the behind-the-scenes fun and share your story on Instagram tagging @mywindermere 🙂

Blanket Fort!

Win with Windermere Make the Smart Move to Windermere House and Land Packages

“The best family are those who are DTMBF’s


Have some sheets and pegs at home? Then you’re set! This one has varying levels depending on your children’s ages! Everyone knows babies love blanket cubby houses, coupled perfectly with a game of Peek-a-Boo and you already have an hour of entertainment!

Or, make a super simple blanket fort and let young children have hours of fun exploring inside…

Or if you’re feeling adventurous (and your littlies aren’t so little anymore), have a look at this Build An Epic Blanket Fort tutorial by YouTuber Reel Misfits!

Ready in… ok let’s be completely honest, blanket forts are inspirational works in progress until everyone falls asleep!


  • Blankets! (Or sheets, doonas, pillows, anything soft really!)
  • Pegs

Safety Precaution: Fairy lights are so pretty but still very dangerous when unsupervised. Serious accidents can happen when electrical items land in the wrong hands, even for a very short amount of time. It’s a good idea to get into the habit of ensuring that the children are old enough to know how to act around them. Beware of all the blankets that the little twinkle lights are draped over too, making sure they are out of reach of curious little fingers.

Epic Blanket Fort Supplies:

  • Furniture, tall lamps are handy,
  • Boxes,
  • Fairy lights,
  • Hula hoop,
  • Laptop, charger & Netflix,
  • Popcorn, snacks, icecream… &
  • A cup of inspiration!


It’s time to start draping! Hula hoops make for great starting points and are a clever little way to add fairy lights to a fort.

From there it’s all up to your resourcefulness and inspiration! Work with your surroundings and you’ll have a blanket fort fit for a king in no time!

Community Check-in: How’s your ISOLIFE?

We all know that living in isolation has been quite the adjustment for a large part of the community. Most of us have never seen a pandemic of this magnitude before!

Hopefully, by now everyone is starting to settle into their new normal. Whether you have the luxury of being able to stay home, or are one of our frontline workers keeping us safe. If you’re not working, sleep-ins are probably still a major feature! Those of us in the community with children are probably not so lucky, even if we are a little more relaxed about bedtimes.

These stage three restrictions have no doubt been a shock to the children as well. While they are notoriously resilient and probably in their element having Mummy/Daddy daycare every day, having young children sheltering at home with you is a… unique… challenge. You only need to be in one of the local community groups on Facebook to realise that many parents are struggling with #ISOLIFE.

Most of our days now consist of working from home, homeschooling, regularly coming up with fun new activities, and tricky bathroom schedules now that everyone is home ALL the time. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen so many joggers on the roads!

While we are dealing with all this change remotely, you, our community, has been on our minds a lot.

If you would like to reach out with any questions you may have, please don’t hesitate to do just that via the green chat box to the bottom right of the screen, or by clicking on the green message icon also on the bottom right.

Win with Windermere: We’d LOVE to see blanket fort creations! It doesn’t matter how old you are… everyone loves blanket forts! Get selphy snapping and don’t forget to tag us to win!

Home is where the heART is, at Windermere! #giveaway

The creative adult is the child who has survived.

There are surprise gifts for extra creativity, so get tagging us @mywindermere!

  • All appointments made to visit the sales gallery or schedule a Zoom appointment will automatically be entered into the draw, within the periods stated for the competition times below.
  •  Sharing the posts on social media platforms to either your wall, your story, or both, will incur an additional entry.
  • Make sure you get your artworks together and submitted before the due date! The winner will be notified on Friday the 8thof June via our social media channels and on the My Windermere website.

Your artwork can be either:
  • 2D (e.g. drawing, painting, sidewalk chalk drawing etc.) or,
  • 3D (e.g. sculpture, construction).
Your artwork can be submitted as:
  • A photo of your art, or,
  • A video snipped of your artwork (Bonus entries for behind-the-scenes snippets of masterpieces in the making!)
Your artwork can be entered by:
  • Sending your photo or video (or both) of your art to [email protected],
  • Uploading your photos/videos to your story on social media and tagging us,
  • Sharing your artwork on your page and tagging us.

ART SUBMISSIONS CLOSING DATE: This month’s Win with Windermere giveaway – “Home is Where the Heart is” – will run until midnight on Thursday the 7th of June. Winners will be announced on social media and contacted directly, and the prize shipped or available for collection.

PRIVACY STATEMENT: This competition is open to everyone. By submitting you/your child’s artwork, you are giving permission for Windermere to showcase the art pieces along with your first name only on this website and via our social media accounts.

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