Understanding the House and Land Process

There are many ways in which you can build your dream home; some choose their ideal lot first, while others start with their house design. Either way, purchasing your own piece of land and building a home could well be one of the biggest ventures in your life – and it can be intimidating if you don’t understand the process.

To help you along the way, we have simplified the steps to ensure you know everything that’s required when purchasing a lot, building and then settling on your new home.

Selecting and purchasing your lot

Step 1
• Research all the land releases and lots available and select the right one for your family’s needs.
• Make sure your budget is established and you have spoken to your financial institution.
• Advise your sales consultant of your desired lot, pay your deposit and sign your contract.

Sales consultant:
• Provides you with all the information on each release and lot available.
• Advises you of all costs involved so you can make sure you remain within your budget.
• After you select your lot, a contract will be drawn up to finalise your purchase of land.

Before construction
Step 2
• Your chosen builder will guide you in selecting the right home for you.
• Secure package offer including relevant inclusions.

• Provide the land contract, plan of subdivision and estate design guidelines/covenants – these documents will be provided to you when you purchase your land at Windermere.
• Provide proof of ownership of the land (if not titled provide approximate date of title release).
• Provide a pre-approval of your loan from your lending institution.
• Confirm any inclusions and/or upgrades you want to include.
• Confirm preferred siting of the house on the land.

Step 3
• The builder will order a soil test and arrange property information, developer approval, working drawings and services plans to prepare a final fixed price for you to review.
• Schedule an appointment for colour/product selection.

• Sign off on plans, costings and drawings to ensure all your requirements, changes and options are reflected accurately.
• Prepare yourself for colours selection appointment – these meetings usually take place at the builder’s showroom.

Step 4
• At your appointment a colour consultant will help you select products and colour schemes for your new home.
• Select products and colour schemes for your new home.

Step 5
• You will be provided with three copies of the building contract. One will be for the builder’s records, one for your records, and one to present to your finance lender. At this stage the builder will talk you through the building process.

• You will need to sign contracts and pay the balance of the 5 per cent deposit (less your initial deposit).
• Once the contract is signed, any structural, colour or other changes can no longer be made.

Step 6
• Your builder will proceed with organising your building permit and will be in contact once this has been received.

• Provide your builder with an unconditional finance approval from your lender and proof of settlement.

Construction commences.

Step 7
Slab stage: This is when the sewer drains, underground electrical cable run-in and the concrete slab are all completed.

Frame stage: This is when your home’s frame, garage and trusses are completed.

Lock-up stage: This is when your home’s brickwork, windows, roof covering, and plumbing are completed, and the property can officially be “locked up”.

Fixing stage: This is when all internal cladding, infills, architraves, skirting, doors, baths, metal trough cabinet, and cabinetry of your home are fitted and fixed in position.

Completion stage: This is when all plumbing fixture appliances, electrical fit off, hot water service, ceiling insulation, caulking works, floor coverings, electrical fit off and painting have been completed. This stage includes the completion of heating and cooling, and a water tank if applicable.

After construction
Step 8
• Your builder will contact you to arrange a final inspection.

• Complete a final inspection where any required touch ups are requested.
• Once inspection is complete and you’re happy, you need to arrange for the final settlement payments to be made.
• Choose your service providers, remembering it can take a few days for water, gas and electricity to all be connected, so make sure you have these organised before you book your movers.

Hand over
Step 9
Your final payment has been made, which means it is time to receive the keys to your new home!
Make sure you have all your guarantees, warranties and maintenance programs, and be sure to ask any questions so you are across all the responsibilities and requirements of your new home.

Move in
Step 10
Move in and enjoy your new home and being part of the Windermere community.