Protecting the environment at Windermere

Country Garden has a reputation for protecting the environment and implementing long-term sustainability practices in its projects across the world. We deliver on our residents’ demand for environmentally-friendly building practices and infrastructure, such as water recycling.

In addition, our residents also expect green spaces, significant tree retention and the protection of natural waterways and native flora and fauna, and rightly so.

At Windermere, we’re going out of our way to deliver on these expectations, as we’re genuinely committed to reducing our impact on the environment, while significantly improving it at the same time. Each home will have a ‘purple tap’ in the front yard that pipes recycled water for watering the garden and washing the car (for example).

We’re also rejuvenating the natural wetlands and creek corridor, which runs throughout the middle of the entire community. Our landscape plan includes the planting of 5,000 trees and 400,000 native shrubs and grasses in the 50 hectares of open green spaces.

We also believe that our residents need to actively engage with the environment to maintain their health and wellbeing, so we’re providing plenty of boardwalks and walking trails.

Our vision for Windermere is to create a healthy green community for our residents to live.