Windermere’s construction update for June, 2020

My Windermere - Construction Update for June 2020
My Windermere - Construction Update for June 2020

Hello and welcome to Windermere’s construction update for June, we’re super elated over the progress we have to report this month.

As we adjust to our ‘new normal’ so to speak, Windermere is adhering to a strict compliance policy implemented to protect our community, staff and colleagues. Please make use of the masks and sanitiser offered to you when you make your appointments with our team! It’s for the safety and well being of the most vulnerable in our community, and I’m sure I speak to everyone when I say thank you to our amazing community for being considerate and understanding.

Our team is back in the sales suite on Greens Road every day from 11 am to 5 pm now, please feel free to make an appointment to see them via our chat forum here

Our construction teams are still working hard to deliver within the timeframes expected. Please keep reading below for this months update from those on the grounds every day, as we present the latest updates to you.

Stage 1 has titled.

My Windermere - Stage 2, Culvert Bridge Crossing Waterway

My Windermere – Stage 2, Culvert Bridge Crossing Waterway

Stage 2 has titled.

Stages 3 and 4

  • Civil construction has been completed in both stages three and four.
  • Civil practical completion was obtained from Council in June.
  • The project team are currently obtaining approvals required from the relevant Government authorities prior to title registration.
  • Titling is expected in July!

Stage 5

My Windermere - Stage 5, Top Soiling In Progress

My Windermere – Stage 5, Top Soiling In Progress

  • Civil construction works are completed in Stage 5.
  • The contractor is currently preparing documents for submission to Council to achieve civil practical completion.
  • Stage 5 is expected to title in late August.

Stages 6 and 7

 My Windermere, Stages 6 - 8, View West

My Windermere, Stages 6 – 8, View West

  • Construction in stages six and seven is progressing well.
  • The following elements are completed – earthworks/road boxing, sewer/drainage, concrete kerbs, telecommunications and concrete paving.
  • The contractor is currently focusing on road construction and top soiling. Once complete, line marking and signage will be installed.
  • Stages six and seven are forecast to title in mid-September this year.

Stage 8

  • The contractor has completed earthworks, sewer/drainage and initial subgrade preparation for roadworks.
  • Works currently in-progress include, concrete kerbs, electrical trenching/cabling and telecoms.
  • Stage 8 is forecasted to title in October 2020.

Section 1 Waterway and Wetlands

  • Construction of section one of the waterway/wetlands is progressing very well as you can see in the imagery, with earthworks completed, rock beaching of the waterway complete and plastic liner installed.
  • Currently, the contractor is installing columns to support a pedestrian walkway and viewing platform over the wetlands.
  • Construction works are scheduled to be completed within the next 2 months.
  • Landscaping works are scheduled to commence later this year.



Thank you for taking the time to follow along on our journey with us, as we build the Windermere estate from the ground up!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team on 1300 008 555.