July construction update at Windermere

Hello and welcome to Windermere’s latest construction update.

Our construction teams are elated to present the latest updates at Windermere, Mambourin.

Stages 11 and 12

  • With construction works completed on Stages eleven and twelve, our contractor has been busy working through the auditing and connection process with the various servicing authorities.

  • The remaining tasks now include the water mains connection in Stage twelve, as well as the auditing and handover of electrical assets in Stages eleven and twelve, all of which are anticipated to be completed in early August.

  • Following receipt of the Statement of Compliance by the Council, plan registration is expected to occur in mid-August.

Ison Road and Intersections

  • Construction of Ison Road and two major signalised intersections is also complete with only the audit and handover of electrical assets remaining.

  • With Ison Road running through Stages eleven and twelve, the auditing is planned to take place alongside these two stages.

  • A further intersection to the south with Black Forest Road is now close to completion and will soon start the auditing and authority handover phase.

  • The opening of this intersection is expected to take place alongside Stages seventeen and eighteen later in the year.

Stages 17 and 18

  • Stages seventeen and eighteen are nearing the back end of the construction process with Stage eighteen roadworks completed up to the first layer of asphalt, while Stage seventeen is close behind with kerb construction well underway.

  • Electrical and comms works are also underway in both stages and the auditing, defecting, and
    the handover process is due to commence in late August.

  • Plan registration is forecast for Q4 2022..

Stages 19 through 21

  • Earthworks, sewer, and drainage across Stages nineteen through twenty-one are nearing completion, with our construction crew soon to turn their attention to road construction works.

  • Completion and plan registration are expected in Q1 2023.

Landscape works

  • Following the opening of Ison Road, which is essential to provide safe access to our landscaping
    contractor, Section 2 of the Waterway (abutting Stage nine) will commence.

  • We anticipate this occurring in August once the electrical audit has been completed.

  • A further landscape package including Stages nine through twelve, fifteen, and sixteen and the newly completed portions of Ison Road, is also currently in tender negotiations.

  • Once the successful landscape contractor has been appointed we will have more news to share on this, including the program for streetscape works.

Thank you for taking the time to follow along with us on this construction journey on the best land in the west!

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