Construction update for August 2021!

Welcome to the Windermere construction update for August!

Please keep reading below for this month’s construction update from your consutruction team on the ground at the Windermere Estate.

Stages 15 and 16:

  • These stages at Windermere have now been registered with the land titles office.

Stages 9 and 10:

Construction is completed in stages nine and ten. The development team are currently seeking final approvals from Government Authorities prior to lodgement to the land titles office. Title registration is forecasted in early September.

Stages 11 and 12:

Constructed is currently underway in stages eleven & twelve, with earthworks and sewer constructed being completed. Construction works are forecasted to conclude in Q1 2022.

Corner Feature Fencing:

Fencing has been constructed in stages one through eight. Construction currently underway in stages fifteen and sixteen. Works are to be completed in September.

Landscaping Update:

Both stages one and two have had trees installed with lawn currently being installed. Stage three has had trees/lawn installed. Trees are scheduled to be installed on Greens Road this week, with stage four to follow in due course.

Stages five through eight to follow in September.

Thank you for taking the time to follow along with us. The Windermere team are still available to you seven days a week, from 11 am through 5 pm. Please reach out to us on 1300 008 555 if you have any questions