Estimated Titles
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Estimated Settlement
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Silvereye Release: Lots 801–805 : 825-836 : 851-857
Milfoil Release: Lots 806-824 : 837-850

Stage 08

Civil Phase

  1. Earthworks

    Earthworks involves the cutting, filling, movement, compaction or stockpiling of existing soil and/or the importation or removal of fill. Site re-grading is carried out to adjust the slope and elevation of the soil.

  2. Sewer

    Each block will be provided with the reticulated sewer services. These pipes are laid in a trench and the area is usually protected by an easement.

  3. Drainage

    Underground drainage infrastructure is installed. This stormwater drainage system helps to move large bodies of water to water storage locations.

  4. Road Infrastructure

    The first part of constructing the roads is the construction of earthworks and drainage works. This is followed by the construction of the road base, kerb, footpaths, driveways and other services prior to the placement of the asphalt.

  5. Water + Gas

    Gas, potable (drinking) and recycled water pipes are installed and each lot has a single connection point. The recycled pipe is easily identified as it is purple.

  6. Electrical + Telecommunications

    Located within the verge is the trench that contains electrical cabling. Once this is completed, street lights can be installed. In addition, the fibre optic cable is installed and will be used to provide high speed broadband and telecommunications services to your home.

  7. Construction completed

    The completion of the construction works.

Registration phase

Statement of Compliance
Received : Completed

A statement of compliance confirms that council is satisfied that all the requirements of the subdivision have been met by Risland.

Plan Registration
Received : Completed

The statement of compliance is forwarded to the land titles office with other documentation, which allows individual titles to be issued for every lot within the subdivision stage.